"Sal, we gotta go and never stop going 'till we get there". "Where we going man?" "I don't know but we gotta go" - Jack Kerouac, On the Road -

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hips parallel to the ground; arms slightly bent; loose shoulders; firm wrists; don’t thrust your feet down, just let 'em glide through the air with a gentle but compact motion which springs from your hips; relax the neck, relax your face. I have practiced this posture a thousand times in my mind. If I could be awarded miles for every time I have imagined my cycling action I’d have circumvented the globe a few times over by now.
Riding a bicycle is all about finding the point of balance, once you have that you can’t fall. It’s not positive thinking; it’s physics. 

Cycling 140 miles a day everyday for 40 days is not about physics. To a considerable extent it is about fitness, but for the most part it is about the mind. And then throw in a bit of luck – or timing.  If you can’t outmuscle your opponent, then try to outwit it. Your opponent is always stronger than you, so if you can’t beat him let him beat himself.
Apart from his own inner demons, a cyclist’s only enemy is the wind. How to outwit it? I have no idea.  Time to go.

 That's all my gear (I forgot to add the waterproof jacket)

 Armadillo tires, hopefully they will keep punctures away for a while

 New tires! Will they get me all the way to LA? We shall see

 Clean cassette and new chain

The bicycle, stripped down


  1. bello quello che scrivi.
    Resta sempre on the point of balance.
    E noi qui a pensare a te...

  2. buon viaggio bello! Sei un campione, ce la farai come sempre! Siamo tutti con te!e VAI CAMPIONE!!!

  3. Un affettuoso in bocca al lupo e auguri di buon viaggio!
    zia Elena

  4. Un abbraccio e in bocca al lupo da Donatina

  5. Today is the first day of the new journey. Wishing you much wind to your back and a safe journey. You have my number so if you need anything along the way let me know.